What we do

Family Initiative Rwanda (WFI- Rwanda) is a Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization registered by Rwanda governance Board (RGB) with registration No1139/RGB/NGO/OC/12/2022. We are committed to break the cycle of poverty through programs that promote the family well-being. Founded in 2020, Whole Family Initiative Rwanda is only organization in Rwanda is using 2Gen approach for sustainable development for family as unit. Our experts work with families to engage parents and caregivers in designing programs that affect both children and adults to develop holistic, integrated, and equity-focused solutions. The family-centered lens helps to immediately identify whole families’ needs and goals to inform integrations and alignments to programs that serve them, which maximizes long-term impact for families and communities. Every action we take is driven by a conviction that breaking the circle of poverty requires to focus our programs on both a child and parents. Using the 2Gen approaches helps us to improve conditions for families by coordinating equitable access to the systems and structures that are necessary to thrive economically and socially.

Our Core Priorities Areas